FAQ - D4 Dash Cam

1. please check if the dash cam turns on normally when you remove the SD card and connect your dash cam to a socket with a USB cable.

2. If so, please turn off your dash cam and plug it in the original car charger with 5V for about one hour, then turn it on to see if it works normally.

3. Otherwise, please restore it to factory settings if the two methods do not help.

Please plug your dash cam in the car charger with a charging cable to see if it works normally. If not, your dash cam needs replacing.

There may be something wrong with the firmware of your dash cam. Please kindly contact the customer service for the warranty claim. Don’t forget to send some photos as a proof.

Please check if the indicator light on the car charger turns on, if not, please plug the car charger again and check if there is power in the cigarette lighter. Otherwise, please use another charging cable to charge for about one hour to see if it finally turns on.

Please check if the battery holds a charge normally by checking if the red light flashes when you turn on your dash cam. If not, it may run out of charge, thus, please turn it off and charge it for half an hour. Otherwise, the battery may be defective.

Please turn off the parking mode as well as your car. If the issue is not solved, your dash cam is defective and needs replacing. Please kindly contact the customer service for the warranty claim.

Please check if you have turned on the Loop Record, if not, the SD card may be full, thus, your dash cam won't record after turning on. Please turn on the Loop Record after formatting the SD card. Besides, please check if the Time on your dash cam synchronizes with that on your cellphone, if not, please do so to see if it helps.

Please check if the rear camera cable is plugged properly, and try plugging in after unplugging it. Please also check is the rear camera cable and the camera itself are damaged.

The SD card may not be inserted properly or not formatted, thus, please follow the instructions below.

1. Please make sure the capacity of the SD card is over 32GB, then try removing and inserting the SD card for a couple of times.

2. Please format the SD card on your computer and then on your dash cam for a couple of

3. Please use another SD card to have a try.

Please note that you can format the SD card normally though you are prompted to insert the SD card.

recommended that you use a high-speed Class 10 SD card of famous brands.

The firmware of your dash cam needs updating. For further details, please contact us by sending emails to us.

1. Please kindly be informed that the GPS is able to position only in wide and open places. It’s normal that it may take the GPS about three minutes to position successfully. It's recommended that you test it in an open place. The flashing GPS icon on the screen indicates that the GPS is searching for satellite signals. The icon will stop flashing once the GPS finishes searching for signals.

2. Please wait for about three minutes to see if the icon appears or flashes.

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